Softly fulfil your Home with our James & Co No.9 Lavender Fragrance Refill Reed Diffuser.


Lavender fields with subtle notes of roses


We recommend adding three to six reeds for the perfect amount of scent release. All our products are shipped to you from the beautiful Dorset Countyside. 

No. 9 Lavender 200ml Refill Diffuser with Grey Fibre Reeds

  • For a more subtle, gentle and spa fragrance; we recommend No. 1 White, No. 3 Blue, No.9 Lavender, No. 10 Cotton & No.15 Sea Salt 

    For a more intense, spicy fragrance; we recommend No. 2 Grey, No. 4 Red, No.12 Rose & Oud

    For a more delicate, middle blooming fragrance; we recommend No. 5 Green & No 14 Jasmine

    For a more fruity zingy fragrance: we recommend No. 6 Orange, No. 8 Lemon, No. 11 Lime & No. 13 Apricot

    Directions for use: Carefully unscrew the lid to access the fragrance oil. Slowly, pour the fragrance oil into the reed diffuser glass. Handle with care to prevent spills. Use only in glass containers as plastic, earthenware and ceramic holders may leak or fail. Fill over a non-porous surface such as a metal sink or glass dish to contain any spillage. Wipe up any spillage immediately. Do not place bottle, bottle cap or reeds on an unprotected surface as fragrance oil may permanently damage furniture and fabrics. Do not allow the reeds to touch any surface surrounding the product. Use only as directed.