Softly fulfil your Home with our James & Co No.7 Vanilla Fragrance Jar Candle, 60 hour burn time.


Fresh scents of vanilla blended with a subtle touch of warm honey.


. It comes beautifully boxed in the UK.

No. 7 Vanilla Jar Candle 60 hour burn time

  • For a more subtle, gentle and spa fragrance; we recommend No. 1 White, No. 3 Blue, No.9 Lavender, No. 10 Cotton & No.15 Sea Salt 

    For a more intense, spicy fragrance; we recommend No. 2 Grey, No. 4 Red, No.12 Rose & Oud

    For a more delicate, middle blooming fragrance; we recommend No. 5 Green & No 14 Jasmine

    For a more fruity zingy fragrance: we recommend No. 6 Orange, No. 8 Lemon, No. 11 Lime & No. 13 Apricot

    Remove the candle from the box and remove glass lid. Please read all instructions and warnings before lighting.