Room Sprays and why you need them

Room sprays are the most immediate of home fragrance products. We see them as a scented pick-me-up that you can spritz quickly to change the mood of any room. They’re instant shots of scent that don’t linger as long as the scent from a candle or a diffuser but provide a more intense hit of fragrance. Many like to use room sprays when entertaining to give an immediate sense of freshness in a room, but they can also be handy when you need to cover unwanted cooking or pet smells! We've listed some of the key room spray pro's below:

Room sprays are often safer than candles. While candles are a popular way to add scent to a home or space, they can be problematic. You cannot use candles very easily if you have children and pets – unless you are willing to supervise carefully. Candles are also not allowed in many work environments, offices, public buildings, hotels etc. All places where you might want a quick boost of fragrance. Room sprays, since they use no open flame, work perfectly just about everywhere.

Rooms sprays can help you spot treat. If only one room needs a quick burst of fragrance, sprays can be a great way to treat that. Unlike other forms of scent, which diffuse scent over large spaces, sprays are perfect for taking care of one specific area.

Room sprays allow you to fight fire with fire. Some odours are quite strong and simply cannot be tackled with scented candles or reed diffusers, which offer slow release, more subtle scents, most of the time. Sprays, however, are powerful and you can spray heavily in one area and more lightly in another, as needed.

Room sprays are effortless. Even the finest candles require lighting and trimming the wick. Plus, you have to remember to blow out your candles each time you leave your home. Sprays are simple – you just squirt a wonderful fragrance into the air and forget about it.

Room sprays tackle the odours that cleaning can’t handle. Cleaning can take care of a number of home odours, but odours caused by cooking, for example, cannot be easily taken care of with some cleaning. For these tough-to-tackle odours, room sprays are perfect!

Finally, room sprays are ultra-portable. You can tuck a bottle in your bag when you travel or commute, so you can add a burst of fragrance wherever you go - we wouldn't recommend trying to transport a reed diffuser in your hand bag!

Our No. 1 White Room Sprays are available now for just £9.50 and we'll be rolling out across all 15 of our signature scents too so keep a look out!

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